Ben Smith


Ben Smith is a Program Manager for Aim for Success. He speaks at about 400 programs per year to over 30,000 people! He creates and produces all Aim for Success PowerPoint presentations and videos. He supervises the technology of Aim For Success presentations. All of that is in addition to his management and training duties of the Aim for Success speaking staff.


Ben is a native of Toronto, Canada. He brings his experience and passion for speaking to youth to his programs. 


He enjoys sharing with students his story of remaining abstinent:


"I've been married several years, and have four great kids. My wife and I both, in 7th and 8th grade, decided to choose abstinence.

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We did not know each other when we made that decision, I lived up north, she lived in Florida, we did not know each other at all. It was just a coincidence that we both made the decision to wait around the same time in our life.


One of the reasons we made that decision was because we were both in a program like the one you are in today. 

We heard about all the chances you take when you have sex and thought 'If any of those things happen to me then that will hurt my chances of reaching my dreams and goals'. So, that's why we decided to wait.


We finally did meet in our twenties, we dated, got engaged, and then got married, and had sex for the very first time on our wedding day. The great thing about waiting was that it gave us freedom from having to worry about a teenage pregnancy, paying child support, and STDs, and it gave us freedom to pursue the dreams and goals that we had."


Ben and Annell have been married for 18 years, and have two sons, Austin and Joel, and two daughters, Kristiaunna and Jada.  Because of the impact that this decision had on his life, he feels a passion to share this important message with the next generation.


Ben enjoys spending time with his family, going to Texas Rangers ball games, playing table tennis, and watching the Dallas Cowboys.


Ben earned a bachelor's of arts degree in Wake Forest, North Carolina before he began working full time with students in 2002.  He strongly believes in teenagers and has a contagious passion for the abstinence message.

"Ben was awesome.  He showed some very important things.  This program definitely affects my future choices.  Thanks."

            - 13 yr. old girl, Sherman, TX


"Ben is an excellent presenter.  The students responded well to his style and delivery."

            - School Board Commissioner, Memphis, TN