Trish Harrington


Trish Harrington is a gifted speaker with a passion to inspire today’s youth to strive for success in all areas of their lives.  She believes that through the experiences she has faced in her life, she can better encourage young people to pursue purity by making well informed choices.


Trish grew up in New England, in a home where the negative influences far outweighed the positive.  Not wanting to travel the same road as her parents, Trish joined the Marine Corps, right out of high school and served for 10 years.  But in her early 20’s, Trish’s dreams and goals were completely changed when she found out she was pregnant and became a single mom. Knowing she wanted a better life for her child, she decided right then to start making better decisions and not have sex again until she got married. After 9 years, Trish married Chris and they recently celebrated their 18th anniversary. Trish’s personal experiences have given her a deep desire to educate young people to make good, informed decisions and to avoid the risks of sexual activity and save sex until marriage.

The first in her family to graduate from college, Trish attained a Bachelor of Science degree in Paralegal from Studies Roger Williams University.  After working in the legal field for almost a decade, Trish realized that she enjoyed working with children much more and changed careers. She became a cheer and gymnastics coach and later co-owned a performing arts studio, where she taught acrobatic dance.


Trish’s oldest daughter recently gave birth to their first grandchild. Trish, Chris and their two younger daughters moved to McKinney, Texas from Rhode Island in July of 2019, where she had the opportunity to experience an Aim for Success Parent Program.  Although she had worked with children for over 25 years, she was so inspired by the program that she saw it as an opportunity to use her gifts, talents and experiences to make more of an impact in today’s youth and joined the Aim for Success family.