Oliver Crandon

Oliver lights up when the opportunity arises to encourage, motivate and inspire the next generation. He's spent the better part of the last decade speaking at events, conferences, youth organizations and camps across the nation. His message? You can achieve your dreams and goals despite the many distractions and temptations that come your way. 


Oliver grew up in Kansas City, MO, where there were lots of opportunities to become a statistic. Hopelessness, violence, sex, drugs and alcohol were all potential pitfalls. However, thanks to a strong family structure and mentors who took a vested interest in him, he was able to navigate through these distractions. Now he's driven to teach and equip the next generation just as others have helped to teach and equip him. 


Oliver has a Bachelor's Degree from the School of Urban Missions in Oakland, CA and has seen firsthand the benefits of making good decisions. Without a doubt, the best decision he's made was to marry the love of his life, Sheree Crandon. After meeting in college and graduating together, Oliver and Sheree tied that blissful knot on May 16, 2010; the day after they graduated. They now have two kids, D'Andre and Olivia, and they currently reside in Little Elm, TX. 

"Oliver was an amazing speaker.  He made an awkward performance fun." - 13-year-old girl, Coppell, TX

"Good program.  I thought it would be uncomfortable, but I actually really enjoyed it.  Oliver was funny."  13-year-old girl, Haslet, TX

"Oliver was amazing.  He made us laugh and helped it not be awkward."  - 12-year-old girl, Colleyville, TX