Chanel Turner


Chanel is a passionate speaker who leaves audiences informed and inspired. She has the brilliant ability to connect with audiences from a wide-range of backgrounds and her refreshing-bright personality keeps students of all ages engaged and thinking. In her talks, she uses elements of humor to create a learning environment that is light-hearted yet purposeful.


In addition to her years of experience in student empowerment, Chanel also has a background in student leadership and mentorship.  She loves to help students recognize their power and responsibility to direct their own future by dreaming big, making wise choices and working hard.


During her programs, Chanel builds a genuine rapport with the audience through her personal story,


  “When I was your age, I attended a program similar to this one. At the end of the program, I made the decision to wait until I am married to have sex. I made that promise to myself and to my family.  I am proud to say that I have kept my promise. It has not been an easy road though. I have had to end relationships with guys who tried to pressure me into going back on my promise. But to me, it is well worth it because I am excited to still have my gift to give away for the first time on our wedding night. Choosing to wait until marriage for sex has given me limitless freedom to chase after all of my dreams and goals.


With a Bachelor of Business in Marketing, Chanel works as a Speaker and Marketing Specialist for Aim for Success.  In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, catching a movie, reading, designing artwork, mentoring and traveling.



“This is a really good program and I will wait until I am married.”  12yr old guy, Owens IS, Houston, TX


“I love the games! Thank you so much for coming! I was really nervous but you made it fun and comfortable.”  - 15yr old girl, Austin Academy, Garland, TX


“This was very helpful. I learned a lot and this has persuaded me to not have sex until I am married. Chanel was funny too.” 12 yr old girl, Kaffie MS, Corpus Christi, TX


“Chanel is so awesome. She also cheered me up by telling us that it is not our fault when someone abuses us because someone abused me.” 11yr girl, Miller IS, Houston, TX


“You were an awesome presenter. You taught me a lot in this class period and how to achieve our goals. Thank you so much.” –12yr old girl, Pioneer Heritage MS, Frisco, TX


“Information was pertinent and valuable for all students. Excellent presentation and games.” – Teacher, Miller IS, Houston, TX


“I was a little concerned about giving this presentation to 6th graders, after coming to this - it's a wonderful and a great way to open conversation” – Parent, Pioneer Heritage MS Parent Program, Frisco, TX