Ramsey Pruitt

Ramsey is a fun-loving and passionate person whose biggest goal is to make an impact on the youth of this generation. She believes that if young people knew their true worth, value, and potential, then this whole world could be changed. She’s made it her mission to show as many students as she can the truth of who they are and who they could be.


Ramsey grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee. As the youngest of 6 kids, she never quite felt like she fit in and was always searching for significance in life. Growing up she experienced many hardships with family, friends, bullying, and isolation. However, there were a few older people in her life who were able to come alongside her, mentor, and guide her. If it hadn’t been for those people and the intentional time they spent with her, it’s very likely she would have gone down a very negative path. Because of the impact that these adults made in her life as a teenager, Ramsey’s desire is to be that person in other teenager’s lives. She understands what it feels like to feel alone as a teenager and wants to be able to tell students that they are not alone!


Ramsey got her Bachelor’s Degree from College of the Ozarks in Branson, MO. It was in Branson where she finally put her goals and desires into action! She worked at a camp for under privileged children and began mentoring a small group of middle school girls. She mentored the same group of girls from 7th grade until they were juniors in high school! After college, Ramsey moved to Berlin, Germany where she worked with a German non-profit organization called Die Arche. Die Arche is an after school program that is always strategically placed in impoverished areas of the city. Working at Die Arche gave Ramsey the opportunity to work with local German youth as well as refugee kids from Syria and Afghanistan.


She moved back to the US in 2018 and currently lives in Dallas, TX with her sister and 17-year-old nephew. Ramsey loves spending her free time with them, exploring and adventuring all over Texas and beyond!