Melissa Teat

Melissa radiates an infectious energy as a communicator, which enables her to engage and connect with all audiences. As an educator, she has taught and mentored hundreds of students over the past 8 years, encouraging them to make good decisions to reach their dreams and goals. Melissa’s passion for health and wellness serves as inspiration to reassure the next generation that healthy choices today will produce the desired outcome tomorrow.


Melissa grew up in Milwaukee, WI where the pressures of violence, sex, drugs and alcohol surrounded her. Though this was her external reality, Melissa was determined to be internally different. With a natural inclination for Arts and Science, she passionately pursued theater, music and life sciences. These were positive outlets that kept Melissa focused and in uplifting environments. With encouragement from family and mentors, Melissa beat the odds and graduated from Alverno College with a degree in Liberal Arts with a focus in Health.


There are so many challenges facing today’s youth, and Melissa’s passion is to help other students beat the odds like she was fortunate to do. Melissa truly believes that with hard work and determination anything is possible.


Melissa recently married the love of her life Christopher Teat they currently resides in McKinney, Texas.



"Taught me new things. Melissa was chill and respectful which created a safe environment." - 13-year-old girl, Dallas, TX

"Thank you.  I will remember you forever and I will remember this speech.  Thank you." - 11-year-old girl, Frisco, TX

"I really enjoyed how our sex education teacher didn't make the conversation awkward and she made it fun." - 14-year-old girl, Dallas, TX