Working for Aim for Success, a Division of Just Say YES

Aim for Success is a non-profit, educational organization. It was founded by Marilyn Morris in 1993. Our office is located in Dallas. Most of our presentations are in the DFW area and throughout Texas. However, we also speak in various parts of country. Last school year we gave over 1,000 programs to almost 100,000 students and parents.


Aim for Success has received local, state, and national recognition through newspapers, magazines, radio, and television including Fox News - New York, The Discovery Channel, Rolling Stone magazine, Dr. Laura, Focus on the Family, President George W. Bush, and former First Lady Nancy Reagan.


Ninety percent of our programs are given in public schools. However, we also speak in a number of private schools, churches, and youth organizations. Our school and church programs are the same, except in a Christian setting, we add scripture. Presentations are typically an hour, but can range from 40 to 60 minutes.


Our programs are always fun, motivational and educational. We actually see ourselves as entertainers with a message as we challenge young people to avoid the risks of sexual activity, drugs and bullying. For more information about the different programs we offer please visit our website


Aim for Success equips all speakers with scripts, a laptop computer and a projector utilizing PowerPoint. Props for object lessons and games are also supplied. This allows all speakers to give the same program in an entertaining fashion.


Typically, we give three to five programs at a school in small group settings of 50 to 100 students. In which case, the speaker would repeat the same program several times throughout the day.


About Our Speakers

Presently, we have six speakers. Three are full time and three are part time. Part time speakers are required to give at least two days (16 hours) per week – Monday through Friday. We also ask speakers to make at least a two-year commitment. (Aim for Success puts a great deal of time and expense in training speakers and a one-year commitment is not worth our while.)


The vast majority of presentations for part time speakers will be within 75 miles of Plano. Part time speakers get to define their availability, such as “Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays,” or “any day except Thursday.” Our scheduling department can then book the speaker months in advance. Speakers usually receive their speaking schedule three to six weeks in advance. (Note: Any part time speaker who gives us two days back-to-back, would be eligible to travel to out-of-town programs which provides more opportunities to speak and additional money.)


Qualifications for Speakers

Anyone interested in becoming a speaker for Aim for Success must already be a gifted speaker. We cannot make a person a speaker. We can, however, provide a great speaker with an awesome script! Speakers must be able to memorize a script that may be as long as 23 pages and present a 60-minute program using only PowerPoint prompts. Speakers must also enjoy working with teenagers and have a passion for the messages AFS provides.


Interviews and Auditions

Anyone interested in becoming a speaker for Aim for Success should (if possible) try to observe a program. The best program to observe is our Flagship Program – Aim for Success (AFS) because your audition script will come directly from that program. The schedule of our upcoming programs can be found on our website. (Make sure you check with our office to confirm the times and locations have not changed.) As you watch the program, ask yourself if you see yourself actually giving the program you are watching.


If you are still interested in becoming a speaker, after reading this job description and possibly viewing a program, then you should send a resume via e-mail to Please do not call. We are specifically interested in a person’s background in speaking and in working with teenagers so your resume is important. We will then contact you to set up an audition time.


When the date for the audition is set, the potential speaker will receive two pages from our script. At the audition, the speaker will be asked to perform the audition script without notes. We provide the props as directed in the script. Those with the best auditions will be asked to return for an interview. Once a person is selected, a training schedule will be worked out.



A typical speaking day usually begins around 8:00 or 9:00 and ends no later than 4:00 (usually earlier).


Because Aim for Success primarily speaks in schools, the speaking (your work) schedule begins in September and ends the last week in May.