Krystal Walker


Krystal has an incredible ability to engage audiences with her explosive energy and fervor. Her dynamite is ignited by the opportunity of educating youth on the amazing benefits of saving sex for marriage. Krystal successfully waited and desires to lead others in her footsteps so they too can experience the key element of having freedom to pursue dreams and goals while avoiding life-altering consequences.


Krystal was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she grew up in a community surrounded by sex, drugs and alcohol. It was obvious to Krystal this lifestyle increased violence in homes and caused daily stress for individuals and couples. Watching these destructive patterns inspired Krystal to take a stand as she vowed to avoid participation in all these activities. Krystal’s good decisions and determination paid off. Krystal now has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Rehabilitation Psychology and recently completed her Master’s degree. She is also an accomplished musician who has played in bands throughout the country. Currently, Krystal still uses her weekends to encourage others through song. Perhaps most importantly, in 2012, at the age of 27, Krystal met Amory Walker, who became her husband a year and half later.


Krystal is passionate about mentoring and communicating truth that will leave a lasting impact on the next generation.

"I loved Krystal.  She was fun and nice.  She definitely made this more entertaining."  - 12-year-old girl, Fort Worth, TX

"I thought this program was amazing and the teacher is amazing." – 10-year-old girl, DeSoto, TX

"The teacher, Krystal, was really good and I enjoyed her." - 13-year-old girl, Edna, Texas