Celebrating 25 Years of Helping Young People AIM FOR SUCCESS!

Founder Marilyn Morris

This month marks the 25th anniversary of Aim for Success. Founded in Dallas in 1993, we have reached over 2.6 million students, parents,and educators. We asked our Founder Marilyn Morris to share some of the milestones of the 25-year history of our organization. We celebrate how far we've come- and anticipate an exciting future ahead!


The doors of Aim for Success opened on August 1, 1993 as a Non-Profit Educational Organization by Founder and President Marilyn Morris. At that time, Marilyn had two part-time speakers and a part-time scheduler.

526 programs were presented that first year to over 30,000 students and parents in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. At that time, there was only one program entitled Aim for Success (Why Avoid Sexual Activity? Because It Protects.)


Aim for Success was invited to speak in Corpus Christi schools. This was the first district to request our programs outside the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. With a 10-year-run of presentations in the majority of schools in Nueces county, including Corpus Christi ISD, statistics clearly indicate that teen birth and teen abortion rates dropped significantly for those students hearing Aim for Success programs year after year.


Aim for Success presentations went "high tech" when overhead projectors (the kind that used transparencies) were replaced with laptop computers and video projectors.

Governor George W. Bush approached Marilyn at a conference in Waco and said, "I know who you are and I know what you're doing, and I want to do anything I can to help you get into schools across Texas."


The 2nd Aim for Success program, Achieve Success (How to Avoid Sexual Activity), was created.

The first editions of Teens, Sex and Choices and the parent companion book ABCs for the Birds and Bees for Parents of Toddlers to Teens written by Marilyn Morris were published. Both books are still in print and are updated on a regular basis. To date, 50,000 copies of these two books have been sold.

A second Aim for Success office opened in Houston, Texas, directed by by Lori Kuykendall. Lori graduated from Texas A&M in 1994 with a major in Community Health Education. Eighteen years later, Lori would replace Marilyn when she retired in 2017.

Marilyn was the Keynote Speaker at the National Jr. Auxiliary Conference in Memphis, TN, as well as regional conferences in Little Rock, AR, Jackson, MS and Mobile, AL. These conferences generated hundreds of Aim for Success programs throughout the Southern states.


Dr. Laura Schlessinger recommended Teens, Sex and Choices and ABCs of the Birds and Bees for Parents of Toddlers to Teens as helpful tools on her national radio program.


Aim for Success was featured in an article in Rolling Stone magazine on April 25, 2002 (Issue 894).


Aim for Success celebrated its 10th Anniversary. At that time, 16,316 presentations had been provided to 1,031,561 students and adults.

The 3rd Aim for Success program, Freedom to Succeed (Why Avoid Sexual Activity? Because It's the Law), was developed.

The Discovery Channel sent a television crew to Aim for Success for 3 days to film portions of our programs. They interviewed students and speakers for a Discovery Channel documentary called: The Sex Files.


National Public Radio (NPR) interviewed Marilyn Morris on their national radio program, All Things Considered.

CBS Evening News with Dan Rather showed clips of Aim for Success programs on national TV.

Aim for Success was given approval from the Texas Nurses Association to provide CEUs at workshops for Texas nurses. Aim for Success then began providing 5-hour workshops at

Education Service Centers throughout Texas where school nurses, teachers, counselors and social workers received CEUs.

Marilyn was invited to speak at the state-wide school counselor conference in White Plains, New York.

Marilyn was invited to speak at the Texas PTA Summer Convention in Austin. Aim for Success has been invited back every year since then.


Marilyn was a guest on the Jane Pauley TV Show (NBC-New York City).


The 4th Aim for Success program, Power to Succeed, was completed. This program focuses on the dangers of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and addiction.

The 5th Aim for Success program, Getting Over the Sex Talk Jitters, was developed for the

PTA Summer Convention and has continued to be an extremely popular parent program in elementary schools under the title

ABCs of the Birds and Bees.


The 6th Aim for Success program, Empowered to Defend, was the first bullying program. It was designed for 6-12th graders. It was developed after continued requests from school administrators.


The 7th Aim for Success program, Super Friends with Super Powers, is a K-2nd grade bullying program created by popular demand to expand our current bullying program.

Empowered to Defend was also expanded to include a 3rd-5th

grade version.

The 8th Aim for Success program, Taking a Stand Against Bullying (Helping Your Child Avoid Bullying and Become a Leader), is a Parent Program designed for parents with students of all ages.

The 9th Aim for Success program, XTREME, was designed for high school students only. It focuses primarily on teen pregnancy and today's ever rising STD epidemic and includes graphic pictures and medically accurate information.


Aim for Success celebrated its 20th Anniversary. To date, 32,608 programs have been presented to 2,139,351

students and adults.

The 10th Aim for Success program, The Next Chapter, is the

second bullying program, created specifically for 3rd-12th graders.